To drug or not to drug

that is the question…

I know on the whole you are suposed to avoid medication while trying. However, what if stopping that medication makes you feel awful every day until you do? Here I’m talking about allergies. I take antihistamines regularly if not for hayfever then for dust allergies, perfumes, etc, etc. It’s not even just me it effects, me blowing my nose off all day has an unfortunate back lash on those around me, especially at night. Since this is only CD 3 I am still taking them but as it gets closer to to ovulation day I’m not sure how I’ll feel. I feel bad enough while I’m taking them, it’s double rough with out.

Hopefully though once allergy season is over and I’m on the occassional tablet rather than double dosage, all will be well.

I had a dream last night also, I dreamt I had a little boy and I named him Thomas. I’m not sure if that’s after my late Uncle Tom, the OH’s father or my mom’s family name but thats what I called him.

It’s funny because I also thought more along the lines of having a girl but a little boy that’s just like his daddy might be just as nice. At least it was in my dream lol. Let’s just hope he doesn’t like football.

I wasn’t going to blog about this here as I wanted to start the blog in a positive light, which I did, but I feel it adds to the story so would like to add it now. Please read on…

The day before we started to try, I had told the OH that I thought I may be pregnant. I guessed I ovulated about 16 days before at that point. Does anyone else feel when they ovulate by any chance? We hadn’t planned anything before now but weren’t using anything so it was an unexpected though perfectly welcome surprise that I might be. We got in, started to chill out and I started to have stomach cramps. I don’t normally get them but thought nothing of it. Oh well AF is here with a vengence I thought. No bleeding came however until about 3am when I woke up with a numbness in my lower back and this bizarre desire to push like I needed to go to the toilet. I got up went to the loo, still nothing. I was too uncomfortable to sleep so I decided to run a bath. Even that did not help I just couldn’t relax and I felt just plain wrong. This wasn’t a period. When the bleeding did come thats when I knew. It was light in colour and the consistency was weird.  I’d probably had an early miscarriage.

I’ve had a suspected one once before but I was a lot younger then and to be honest, if somewhat cruel, it was a relief. From what I can remember though this was a lot similar.

So the begining of our story starts sad but hopefully will end in something lovely.


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