Haven’t blogged in a long time.

Hello again blog. I kinda missed you but I’ve had nothing to write. No Ovulation, no period, no doctors appointments, not even a spike in my chart. That was until Tuesday when I started spotting. Wasn’t sure what it was because I was quite sure I hadn’t ovulated. It went on till yesterday and that evening the flood gates cracked open a little. So I guess this is a period… An anovulatory cycle (One where you don’t ovulate).

I’m quite glad I’ve at least had my period, waiting was making me cranky. It’s been 6 months. I was very tearful and emotional yesterday and still feel a bit glum today but it’s not so bad.

I’m going to check a little later I still have a light flow and then I’m going to start my action plan. Metformin, Agnus Castus, Baby asprin (which I have to take any way) and continuing my new low carb diet.

I reckon I’ve lost a couple of pounds already. Mainly by cutting out bread and potatoes. If I have cake or bread it needs to be full of fibre and/or fruit but I try not to have them too often.

My one treat is chocolate and I have a small bar, about 12g, every other day maybe. I’ve cut out most dairy though to try and curb the fat intake and increased veggie and fruit consumption. In fact I’ve eaten half a punnet of grapes nearly every day hehe. I love me some grapes.

Other than that I am getting ready for christmas and the impending birth of my Niece or Nephew. Luckily, since we haven’t spent too much time there I’ve not felt bad about it at all.

That’s good because I want to look forward to it not dread it.


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