Doctor is finally taking me seriously

Well I was bit worried about the spotting so I booked a docs appointment. It turned into a proper period but I still went. I didn’t think they’d be that interested but 6 months without a period is a long time.

Turns out Dr Sensitive (as he will hence be known) was concerned and asked lots of questions then said he’d refer me to a gynae. Yay! Finally. I don’t have to wait till January to be referred. That means I get on the waiting list that much quicker.

He also wants me to take a pregnancy test tomorrow and call him with the results.

Makes me a bit more relaxed to think they will actually be doing something about this and I’m no longer endlessly waiting.

It’s been a very odd period. Stopping for seeming hours and then coming in a flood (well not a flood but more than spotting). I hope it quits messing about soon cos I’d like some sexy time lol!



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