Ummmm… I have a cycle

Can’t really explain my absence other than I forgot I had this blog for a while oops!

I’ll catch you up:

Starting from my last post I had a pretty regular cycle of 26 days. I ovulated on CD18, so it was a pretty short Luteal phase and there was spotting but hey I’m ovulating, that’s a marvel in it’s self! Spotting points to low progesterone but I think the low carb diet is working. I’ve lost about 5 pounds, sadly not from my belly where I’d like but it’ll happen eventually.

Now for the shocking news. I’m in another semi normal cycle. I say semi because I think I ov’d CD19, ie Monday and my temp rise wasn’t as dramatic as I might like to convince me. So quite exciting really. The clincher will be cycle number 3 and how I fare.

Aside from that we’ve been baby dancing sporadically but somehow at the right time so maybe baby hehe.

Non ttc related, sorta, SIL had her baby December 17th, a gorgeous boy. Everyones really excited about him but SIL already wants another go for a girl. She has PCOS too, so it may be another slog. There’s 7-8 years between J, the baby and G. Our friends L and L had a beautiful baby girl after 36 hours of proper labour ouch! She was finally born by C Section on Friday 18th December, 8 days late. Both families are really well.

I’ll try and update this a bit more often now I remember I have it.


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