Oh dear… babies, babies, babies

Maybe I counted my chickens too early. No rise today either… a bit higher than average but just about on the coverline. I have been feeling a bit peaky today so could be affecting it but I dunno.

I’ve been on my own most of the day. I had been sposed to go see L and the new baby but L was ill. Prolly just as well since I feel a bit pants but still. Sean went out with the other L who was feeling not quite as poorly, I won’t give you the graphics OH gave me, I will however tell you about the topic of conversation. Namely when OH and I are planning on having babies. I for one find it comforting that there are people rooting for us and it heartens me to think that although they are primarily OH’s friends they’ve become mine too. I know I felt very excited about the impending birth of their daughter and feel a lovely warmth when thinking about her new life. It’s still a bit hard as our reproductive future is uncertain but not in a horrible way. I also know my sisters are extremely keen for us to procreate, though I know at least one of them would like us to be married first, all in good time mon amis hehe.

I am feeling decidedly crappy so more tomorrow I guess!


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