Small rise today

I had a small rise today and ff seems to think I ov’d today on cd17 couple of days earlier than I thought. I blame this super cold weather for my temps not rising as they should lol. Gotta be something right? Still that makes me 7 days past ovulation so expect my period next week some time, maybe.

I’m doing a good job keeping my journal up to date too, which is good.

OH and I had a disagreement yesterday. I said I wanted to find out the sex of the baby when it’s time. He’s dead set against it. Here’s my reasoning, should I have a baby shower and I probably will knowing how excited my sisters are, it would be nice to have gifts that reflect the baby’s gender. Not that I have any qualms about colour choices for boys/girls but you know you are going to get 101 cream baby grows etc. Also, I’d like to plan, not have to think would something I buy suit a boy and a girl. I’ve been thinking about this a long time, I have far more ideas for a boy theme or a girl theme than a neutral theme. Some might say leave it till the baby is here but I think the last thing I will want to do with a newborn is to go shopping and pick paint colours. I’d also like to make the baby some hand crafted items. Again it’s far easier if I know which gender I am going for. It’s most irritating to not know if a baby is a boy or a girl.

OH say’s he likes the surprise of not knowing till the baby is born…

I just think there are lot’s of reasons for finding out and not so muh against.

Any who I’ve rambled long enough. Til tomorrow!


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