Hanging in there

Still no sign. Which makes for a pretty boring update tbh but hey ho. Temps slightly higher than normal so maybe ov’d but hard to tell with the new shift pattern. Waiting for a new cycle to temp properly. My boobs are really sore all of a sudden, kind of like when I’m about to get my period, but she’s nowhere to be seen. What is going on? I also had AF like cramps a few days ago, so was really expecting her then but nothing. Maybe it was just wind though… tmi I know lol.

I’ve decided to start a new project to keep me going. This project is a bit different in that I am going to only blog about it here rather than on my main blog. I plan on it being a gift for the baby to be, a bit of positive thinking for me. I’m working from a pattern but not sticking to it. It should be boy/girl friendly too and with a bit of last minute tweaking uniquely one way or the other. It also gives me something uncycle related to keep me coming back so I can keep this current. I often think saying still waiting for AF is rather boring and I’m sure you do too. Still, until we find a new doc’s and then a gynae we are somewhat on hold.

I’m going to get organised this evening and maybe have something to show tomorrow.


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