Hi people. I’ve been making posts and accidentally saving them as drafts. Oopsie. I won’t post them all now as they don’t all now make sense but I’ll sumarise.

First off I changed my referal hospital. My first choice was a lot closer but I heard bad things. So that means a lot longer wait for a far better hospital. It’s suppposed to be one of the best.

Next we’re on a bit of a break because we have to move! Sucks to be us. We rented this on the understanding the landlord wanted a long let. Maybe give us a chance to save a deposit, so we were thinking 2-3 years. She gave us notice last month and we’ve chose to move out end of May rather than June to avoid spoiling our holiday. So it’s kind of bitter sweet news. Good thing we didn’t decorate like we were going to. I have painted all the woodwork white though and painted the living room. BC’s losing his job last year meant we held off on doing it all.

So… house hunting we are (Yeah I’m a geek). Which is going ok but we still have over a month so can’t really give anyone a concrete offer if they want someone to move in ASAP. Soon though.

As for my cycle non ex-ist-ant. Seriously it’s no good at all. I’ve gained weight which doesn’t help and I am desperate to lose. In an ideal world I’d lose 20kg/40 pounds to be at the lower end of the ideal weight range. 10kg/20 pounds is a lot more manageable. PS. I hate measuring in KG’s it confuses the heck out of me. Stones and lbs is what I grew up with…

What am I doing about it? Trying to eat better. DRINK MORE WATER, which is hard cos I am never thirsty I prolly drink about 1.25 litres (4-5 glasses) and have upped that to the full 2 litres gradually. I’ve also started swimming. For fun initially but hope to get some power going for laps soon BC won’t come with me so it’s a bit daunting going alone. I am going with my non swimmer sisters for now. So it’s more pool aerobics.

Not quite everything but  I need to go as we’re going to get some breakfast.


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