16 and pregnant and stuff

I don’t know why I like to torture myself but I’ve been watching it… BC hates me watching it cos I get so irrate lol so I watch it when he’s not there. It’s like my crack XD. I’m currently watching the finale where they go back and revisit them a few months later. You can’t believe they are the same kids some of them. Babies screwed their heads on tight!

Aside from that I am dreading the warm weather. Though I love summer and the sun. Sun means less clothes means more proud bumps flashing me. Each one is like a punch in the chest, really.It’ll fade eventually once I get used to it.

Still no sign of the witch, I’ve started back on the slow release metformin but it’s making me poop like crazy. Sorry if that’s tmi lol but it’s true and this is only day 2. I can’t help but feel it’s all in vain though….

Going back to 16 and pregnant, I’ve been thinking a lot about adoption and if that could be an option for us. Obviously the expense is there and screening etc but should we need to have fertility treatment that would cost us too. Also how long do you keep trying? I definately think I’m the driving force on the baby quest. I think BC’s still in the not too fussed mind set. Even though at 40 he’ll be pushing the limit a lot sooner than I am.

Oh! and I handed in my notice at work yesterday! I was offered another role with normal hours. Slight pay cut but thats ok by me for a 9-5 gig, go me!

I feel like this post is a bit zig zaggy from one point to the other but that’s how I am feeling at the minute I guess. A lot in my head


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