On the list

The waiting list that is. Apparently the wait is about 3 months which seems a long time but isn’t really.

We also had some pretty good news in the family. My sister, who was brain damaged (ok now) while having a routine operation, finally got her settlement and it’s way more than we were expecting. Why is this good news for us? Well with this money she says she’ll go in with us to buy a house! So we could be looking to buy a brand new house sometime soon. How exciting!!

In the mean time though, we still have to find a new house to rent. The one we were after fell through. They were asking for way too much information. They wanted references from our bank and our mothers maiden name etc. What kind of landlord asks for all that crap?? We saw alarm bells dinging above our heads and decided to move on. So the rush is on! We have 2.5 weeks people. It’s getting tight…

Fertility wise, after all this is a fertility blog, no AF as yet but I defo feel something brewing. Could just be my IBS acting up though. I heard that can cause the bloat and backache. Really though I could do without a period right now. I’m cranky enough already. To treat myself and destress I bought my self 4 new pairs of sandals. 4!! lol. I bought them in Primarni though so total cost was dun dun dun… 12 squid. Not too shabby! I can still feed my shoe habit even on a budget!

I had better get to bed as I have been beyond exhausted all this week and tomorrow we are short staffed. TTFN!


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