First Finishing Friday

I’m making an effort to post more and comment more on the blogs I like in the hopes of getting a bit of a readership going. I’m sure once I start working a normal shift again there will be even more blogging (and less waffling) and more pictures. I think pictures really add to a post.

I’ve also decided I really need to make some new friends. I arranged to meet some friends for lunch and none of them turned up. No message or anything from one. I was very hurt and even cried as I waited for the train to go home. I’m sick of it really.

Any one know of good places to make good friends?

My very best friends unfortunately live across they ocean and I miss them terribly but I need some physically here friends too.

I’m attempting to finish each week with an update of my little project. So here goes.

The very start of my quilt.


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