Good Morning! And a lovely one it is too for a change. It poured and poured yesterday. We had a lovely time though at SIL’s for the nephews 13th birthday. Ate far too much cake but it was yummy!

Getting back to the point of this post. My referral letter came through. Well I say referral letter but actually they just sent me an appointment for an internal ultra sound. No messing huh? So I’ve got a big long wait ahead of me as the appointment isn’t untill June… or maybe July 15th (oops may have to double check that). I have the letter, just not on me.

 Other than that we found a new home, only we’re in a chain GAH! It means there may be a little faffing about trying to stay extra days at our old place and moving furniture into the new place before their moved out. It’ll all be ok though right? Sure it will.

So, I finally feel as if I have something to blog about. It’s been a long wait but we’re nearly moving!

Have a great week everyone xx


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