Blogerversary oops

I’ve been a bit slack and let my blogerversary pass without comment. TBH I didn’t much feel like celebrating a year of trying with no luck.

I am hoping that I will be able to do something thought to commemorate the occasion once we’ve moved house and settled in.

I think a give away may be in order….

In other news, today was my last day of work. Some might think that my work place might plan a chilled out day catching up with each other (We’re a small office but half the staff work upstairs). No, our managers decided to do a massive mailshot meaning I spent most of the day staring at a stupid pile of envelopes and brochures. I wasn’t impressed. Also my leaving drinks isn’t until next week, due to the move, but I still thought I may get a cardĀ  or something from them upstairs. I was quite disappointed really. I expect my good work mates will get a card for me for next week though. Because of the shift pattern I didn’t get to say goodbye yet.

I did however go to lunch with my gal pal L and her gorgeous baby girl. Another friend was supposed to make it but got swamped at lunch but we had a good time any who! We went to a great place called Tiffin Bites which does indian food, you guessed it, in Tiffin. It was yummy, though there were no sides as they’re gas was not working. Baby N slept right through and woke up just in time for a quick cuddle and play. Even the waiting staff were taken with her. Also compared to BC’s nephew J she was as light as a feather. After holding J five minutes my arms ache lol. I thought about stealing her, but I’m sure everyone would know where I got her from XD. We had a quick shoe shop and then I headed back home to attempt to pack some more, but actually I’ve only written this post hehe.

I’ve no update on my quilt btw. All energies are going to packing up the house. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly!


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