Scan day

So, I had my scan yesterday. I’m really glad I changed my hospital choice. The hospital I went to is really nice and it turns out they are connected to the hospital which is my first choice and that’s where I will be seeing the Gynae, result!

It was super weird to arrive at the hospital to find that it had a supermarket and a bank (amongst other shops) inside. Really quite a nice feature tbh, especially if you’re in hospital long term.

So we arrived, BC came too, and navigated our way to the ultrasound ward. I tell you the last place you want to be when your fertility is being investigated is in an ultrasound waiting room. To make matters worse there was a TV on called “baby TV” aimed at new and expectant mothers. I thought it was a tad insensitive for it to be only aimed at them but any who.

The scan it’s self was performed by a very nice woman. I’d thought ahead and was wearing a dress shirt with legging which kept my dignity in tact lol. I hopped on the table and stealed myself for the icky. However it was that bad. Uncomfortable but not painful at all. She confirmed I do indeed have polycystic ovaries, and there’s nothing else odd going on in there. My womb looked perfect she said. Which is great news, I had hoped it wasn’t prolapsed (Or relapsed as I said to BC yesterday, oops) or anything. Also cystic fibroids are more common in women of colour…

In the secret locked part of my brain I was hoping she would say something like, “Did you know you’re like 3 months pregnant??!!”. Hopeful thinking eh? Hope is all I have right now…

Now my scan is done I should receive a referal. Once that arrives I’ll know more about the next steps.

There’s too much waiting involved in this baby making!

In other news my quilt is moving forward at an astonishing rate. My new craft area has helped that immensely. No update pics as yet but soon. I also refashioned an ugly yellow clock BC stole reclaimed from our old house which really matches the red and white theme I’m going for in my craft room. I’m really rather pleased with it so far.

Have a fruitful day guys!


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