Bun in the oven?

I was sposed to make cake, cupcakes to be precise but I just don’t have the energy. I barely have the energy to blog, but I’ve made a pact to blog more frequently and comment more frequently too.

That being said I do find commenting hard. Should I offer my prayers to someone I’ve never met only read about for months? Makes it sound a bit creepy when you say it like that! It’s true though. I’m very much still in the finding out stages with my sub fertility (I’m trying not to brand myself infertile any more). I have many more questions than I have advice.

I guess, I should just try and give a response that would be the kind of thing I’d want to hear if I were in the same shoes, if I can even imagine being in those shoes. Too bad virtual hugs aren’t more literal as I give a lot of those…

I don’t even get much by way of comments here, but I blog to free my mind rather than to create a fan base. It all helps.

Other than my extreme tiredness, I’m suffering a lot with the hayfever. It’s been really bad in London this year. I am looking forward to our holiday which always helps ease the symptoms. Something to do with the change in climate I think. It’s one things I wish I didn’t suffer from quite so badly.

I’ve cut down on the amount of processed food I eat where I can. It’s helping a little. it will soon be over though and I can keep snotting over everyone!

I’m gonna have a rest and see if I can muster enough energy to bake and/or do the dishes. Forecast seems unlikely.

Oh and P.S I’ve not forgotten to update you I still have not had my period since Nov… poop


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