Well that was quick. I got my referal!

I’m a bit stunned actually, it’s come so quick and and it’s at my prefered hospital. I’m really excited they’re moving straight to treatment. That is once I return the questionaire. They ask some really leading questions on there. As if I was a baby basher I would right it on this form?? If it’s one thing those people wouldn’t mind doing it’s probably lying. I guess they have to ask though.

Really feels like things are moving forward now. BC was excited to discover that we’re going to one of, if not the best IVF treatment centres in the country. That’s if it comes to IVF. From the letter I got clomid and met (Please god no!) will be the first point of call. Thought hopefully the met will be open to discussion. No matter how hard I try I can not get on with that stuff. Slow release or not. The constant nausea and uncontrollable bowel habits, I’m sure some of you know what I mean, were too much to take when it didn’t appear to be working much.

Aside from this, I really do have to lose some weight. I’m not being active enought and comfort eating to cope with the stress is not helping. I’ve not gained but I’ve not lost either. No good! I Have started to be a bit better at planning meals and making lunch so I’m never hungry without a meal in mind. Also once I get back from holiday (woohoo) I’m going to be getting a push bike and BC and I will be doing some cycling. I love cycling and if I hadn’t had the mini stroke I would still cycle everyday. Now though, I need a buddy to feel safe. I’m quite looking forward to that too.

Good news all round woohoo!


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