*Insert 80’s dancing here*

*Shimmy shimmy*

We’re off to sunny greece for 7 whole days of bliss. Don’t hate me, I desverve it. It’s been a rough month with all the moving etc. It doesn’t mean I have to abandon you dear blog for a week.

I am so excited I had a lie in of all but 15 mins before I had to jump out of bed and do stuff. Not too much stuff, BC’s still sleeping , but still. I had a pedicure yesterday, Gave myself a mani today, the salon was too busy yesterday. I’ve packed all but my toothbrush and hand luggage. Now I’m sitting here in my pants blogging because it’s quiet.

I had hoped to make some scheduled posts as there are several things I want to blog about but I haven’t had much time to take pictures.

You may get one or two, if you’re lucky xD.

Be good!



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