We interupt the current programming…

Ignore my sun dried and windswept hands, yes that’s my left hand and it does indeed have a ring on it!

It’s official, no more promise “strawberry” (I’ll explain that later). It is however a temporary ring. Until we can choose one together.

It was in fact very romantic and traditional a proposal. I actually had no idea it was coming although I did know BC was acting a bit shifty. I just attributed it to sunburn!

Ciao Cafe

The day started innocently with a trip to Kos Town, we searched for somewhere decent to have breakfast and after much deliberation umming, ahing and hunger grumpies, we  settled on here. We made a good choice, it was absolutely gorgeous.The day was June 30th our 20 month anniversary.

Porky Stack

On the way I had innocently looked in some shop windows and pointed out a crystal rainbow ring that I loved amongst other sundries. After his breakfast, BC said he needed to go to the shop while I finished off mine. I thought it was a bit odd but thought maybe he was going to get me a painted cow that I had also seen (totally oblivious!).

Thermal Springs Beach

We had a nice day exploring Kos Town, scowling at rude staff (We know what Malaga Angliski means in Greek tyvmi!), went to the beach, then headed out to a mountain village called Zia for dinner.

Mountain route

It was a beautiful drive up into the mountains, stunning scenery, the odd goat and A/C (woot!  lol). The view from the village was breath taking, but thanks to taking advice from some locals, we avoided the busy tavernas in the square and went up to the very top of the village to an empty taverna with the most stunning and unobstructed views of the island and the close to setting sun. We had the whole place to our selves, we felt so lucky looking at the full to busting tavernas below.

Sunset at Zia

We ate and then sat watching the sun begin to set when suddenly BC got serious and asked me to take off my sunglasses so he could see me properly. He said he’d had a lovely holiday with me, how much he loved me, pulled a box from his pocket, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I can’t really remember what I said the first time round but when BC asked if it was a “yes” I said yes again (I think).  Then as I sat there a bit stunned holding his hand the waitress came up with wine and a bunch of flowers for me (She’d known the whole time), I was truly stunned! We continued to watch the sunset, drank our wine and had yummy yoghurt and honey with an equally yummy strawberry cake. We didn’t want to go down the mountain in the dark. Greek drivers are crazy I tell you!

Sparkly Drinks

We went back to our room, got glammed up and went out for a night on the tiles where we got very merry. Many free drinks and shots were offered and accepted and BC had a very sore head in the morning (Luckily I was just fatigued).

So I guess you’ll forgive my not posting when I said I would. I was actually quite busy being loved up with my soon to be hubby!

Had a bit of bad news but don’t want to dwell on it while I feel so happy so will tell all later.

Need to catch up with some sleep so TTFN


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