cake, cake marvelous cake

I really like cake, all kinds, yum. Cake however does not like me. It leads to all kinds of bad stuff like swollen feet and wobbly bellies!

Hence, I am starting a new healthy eating plan under the pretence of it being for the wedding but in actuality being for baby making.

That was the other bad news, that I didn’t blog about as it was nicer to blog about our engagement, my BMI is 30 :(. That means I do not get on the fertility help waiting list. Yeah, not good. So getting engaged had an added blessing of making us put a hold on TTC.

However I am really struggling with the lack of cake or sweet things.

I’ve been quite irratable and short with BC too :(. It doesn’t help either that I can’t eat alot of fruits and snacky veg which would boost my sweet seeking guage a bit. Let’s see I’m allergic to raw cherries, apricots (and cooked), plums, apples, nectarines, mange tout, brocolies, carrots, sugar snap peas and probably more I’ve forgotton right now which makes healthy snack food rather boring. I don’t like bananas or oranges either so pretty much any fruit you can get often are ruled out for me.

I try to get organised and bring in lunch but like this week for example it’s hard enough to get up at 06.20am let alone earlier to have time to make lunch. My evenings are eaten up by spending time with BC and getting some housework done. Also we have a bit of a mouse problem and I am petrified of going into the kitchen after dark! Really need to do something about that…

Any who better get back to work!


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