Out damn spot!

Lack of posting is due to the mice.

No seriously we have mice and I can’t sleep as I am petrified they may crawl over me in the night. The mice don’t trouble me so much as the diseases they might have. If I see one I’m ok, if one might touch me I freak! I’ve been cleaning like mad, spritzing everything with peppermint oil and moving all furniture away from the walls but to no avail. AND now they’re in my craft room. Sorry mousey but you gotta die, I share my craft room with noone and nothing grrrr (besides BC xD).

Aside from that, today I had a spot. One bright spot followed by pinkiness. I don’t think I’m pregnant but I do hope it’s not low progesterone and I’m going to end up spotting for a week. That would suck… Not what I need right now at all.

Just a quick update so you don’t think I’m dead…


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