5 babies and a Sub Fertile

Sooo, on Saturday we went to the BBQ. The one I was really looking forward to. There would be a few people there I hadn’t met before and thought it would be a nice chilled evening.

It started off well, we were one of the first people there despite being about 45 mins late, oops! Said our hello’s had a glass of wine. Sun was still shining. Yes it started nicely. Then the first new couple arrived, with an adorable 2 year old and a 1 week old baby! Yeah, wasn’t expecting that. Then, arrived our other friends L & L with their 7 month old, who we were expecting. Feeling slightly overwhelmed but ok I started to relax. Everyone cooed over the new baby, we started to get some snack food going. Then more people arrived, with 10 month old twins… I very nearly went into panic mode. Especially when all the women converged on the picnic blankets and I just could not be in that close a proximity to all 5 babies. It was just too much. Which of course led to the repeated “Are you alright?” question as I wandered around aimlessly trying to make myself busy.

The rain was a blessing in disguise. It meant we went inside and said babies were scattered. I also had a bit more to busy myself with, eating, drinking, helping people serve. They didn’t seem to have the same impact spread around the room. Baby N was her adorable self and I was glad she seemed happy to see me even if she did give my necklace the death grip.

Slowly but surely though babies went to sleep and I could relax a bit more. The rest of the evening went really nicely. I didn’t eat very much as my stomach also goes into panic mode but the company was good.

I think I coped ok and probably better it was a surprise rather than me anticipating and worrying about it. Prolly coulda done without being PMS at the time. The important thing is, I am in fact fine. Though saddening, I have no idea what they went through to have their babies and it doesn’t make our situation any better or worse regardless.

It will be just under a year before we go back to the fertility specialist. I’m counting the days already.


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