I don’t weigh

I very rarely weigh myself. I just tend to go by the fit of my clothes. Where as a couple of weeks ago they were pretty snug, they are starting to loosen up a little although I am most dissapointed to be losing it mainly from my thighs and arms not my belly as I would like. I won’t weigh myself until the next time I visit my momma. I’m hoping for a nice surprise.

Aside from that not alot is going on with me. Still spotting a little, no sign of AF. Feeling really, really tired but then so is BC (due to the mice keeping me us awake). I am going to make an appointment with the Doc for today or tomorrow as the spotting is almost a week in progress. Coupled with a few dizzy spells and the possibly related tiredness, thought I should get checked out for anemia. I suffer from it often, though I do eat lots of strawberries. Aren’t they a good source of iron? Meh.

I’m gonna go check my eye lids. lol, TTFN


One thought on “I don’t weigh

  1. In answer to your question on my blog:

    They send out detailed medical information/ pictures to any approved prospective parents that request them. After reviewing the file and having an international adoption pediatrician review it, then we say yay or nay on requesting to be considered for a match. It’s tough because we don’t know a) how many couples requested information or b) how many of those requested to be considered for a match. They do tell us if other couples are interested, but not how many. So, we don’t know if we are up against 20 other couples or two other couples.

    I guess it’s a good thing I don’t tend to fall in love at first sight and am somewhat guarded when it comes to things like this. I guess going through IVF several times with no baby to show for it makes me a bit less likely to get excited at this point.

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