Changed our minds (again)

Well I know we said we were going to wtt (wait to try) but we’ve since changed our mind. We’ve decided on May 2012 for the wedding which left a larger gap. Funnily enough it was BC and not me who suggested trying in the inbetween time. Assuming I keep off the few pounds I’ve lost, I’m just about in the safe zone for my BMI. It’s not so simple as to just start however, BC has started taking antidepressants again (He get’s work related anxiety). And TMI alert, the key component to baby making sex is kinda diminished when he’s on them IYKWIM… I really do think that once we do see a specialist we will be moving quickly to alternative treatments with my medical history. How soon that will be though I don’t know.

Aside from this another friend of mine is pregnant and though I am really happy for her it just seems to be another prick in my heart. I’m not even sure how this is going to work as her father is a bit racist (she’s white her BF is black) they’ve been together about 4 years, live together and the Dad doesn’t know. Kinda uncomfortable situation. I do hope it makes her happy though as she has been feeling really down lately and I think/hope/pray starting a family kick starts a positive vibe in her life.


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