Long time no post

I hadn’t realised it had been so long. I was super busy though so maybe that’s why. Saturday we had our engagement party and I spent weeks planning and making decorations. In the end we had a great time, though I was dissapointed that more of my friends did not show up. Still full turn up from the family including my long lost half sister!

It was a surprise when a few months ago a girl added me on facebook and as I puzzled who she was I thought I may as well ask and what came back was that she was my half sister. Her mum had left with her (and her older sister) one day when I was about 8-9 years old and never come back. I never remembered her mums last name and since she wasn’t using ours I was at a loss of how to find her. She, however, found us. After a couple of mistaken identities she found me and then my sisters.

I was so glad to hear from her. It made me so sad to think I had two sisters in the world that I had no idea what had happened to and at least now I’ve found 1 of them. I still search every now and then in hopes of finding my elder sister but I guess she doesn’t want to be found.

Exciting stuff eh? One of the funny things she said that amused me any way is whether we were going to be waiting until we get married to have kids and her apparent delight that we were leaving it up to Gods will. All my sisters are desperate for nieces and nephews it’s official!

Cycle wise not much doing, the spotting stopped and AF hasn’t followed. I looked back and saw this has happened before but I didn’t really chronicle it so don’t know if it was related to anything else. I haven’t taken a test. Mostly because I don’t feel any different to normal. Partly because the BD timings which don’t tally up. I’ve been taking my Agnus Castus but this time round it’s been making my stomach really upset and may or may not have caused a rash on my belly. I’m going to hang on a couple of weeks and see how I fare. If it only lightens my periods it would be helpful.

What do you guys think?

I dunno if I should or not. I have no IC’s left and think using the others would be a waste


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