A long way to go

I had an appointment with my doctor and basically to get back to a desirable weight is probably going to take a little longer than we thought. We want this to be sustainable. So this means prolly not having enough time between conceiving and the wedding.

So that means we won’t be pursuing assisted conception just yet. However I thought it might be ok to pursue something else I’ve always wanted to do, be a foster parent.

H2b is all for it, in fact it was his idea. It takes a while though to apply etc and then we may be turned down for some reason or other but it gives me something positive to look forward to.

When I was younger one of my mums best friend was a foster parent. I always thought she had such a great job. It’s a great job if you love helping people. It was amazing to see troubled children join her household and see her straighten them out and love and care for them as her own. Some rejoined their families, some went on to become adults and some got adopted. She only looked after teens, personally I’d prefer to care for younger children but we’ll see what they think. It would especially suit, the child, if I did give up work completely to do this.

Have to do some number crunching etc to see if it’s feasible. One thing I didn’t know is that foster parents get a generous tax break meaning if I do work part time it could be more worthwhile.

So here is where we are at right now. I’d love to know if any of you guys have any experience of fostering.



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