Spotting again

Yup, I just went to the loo and there it was, another damn spot. It’s so annoying. That coupled with the awful lower backache is getting me down today. If it turns into a period obviously I’ll be ecstatic but I’m doubting it.

Ooh, also. I have an appointment with the nutritionist next Friday. I’ve been being good. I’m not on a diet per se, but more of a more thoughtful eating excercise. I try only to have treat type things on days when I am active. If I have a not so good day I make sure I walk to and from the station. Little things, I think will help. I also am trying to control my portion sizes. It’s easy for me to eat as much as BC puts on my plate without thinking. Not “wasting” food is drummed into you as a kid but I’m slowly working my way out of that thinking.

Excercise wise I realised my favourite form is dancing so I spend 20 mins or so every couple of days singing and dancing to myself in my craft room. Usually while BC is playing playstation or such. He doesn’t know I do this lol, I try not to put pressure on it so it’s fun and doesn’t start to feel like a chore. I’m also keen on getting a bike. Before I had the stroke I cycled often but since I lost my balance I sold my bike. Would really love to get back into it.

I’m too uncomfortable to type any more, have a bit more to update on then. Tomorrow hopefully.


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