Just checking in, I decided to take a little blogging break. I stayed away from most peoples blogs too, just checked in to a few to see they were doing ok. I feel much much better. I was touched by everyones well wishes, thoughts and prayers. I really do believe it helped lift my spirits. I still feel sad but I’m not overwhelmed by it. Thanks to all of you.

I’m still spotting, I’ve given up going to the doctors about it. If there’s no pain, they do exactly nothing. I’m thinking it’s still progesterone issues though I forever hold up hope its implantation bleeding.  I did after all rub the screen with those African fertility statues, lol.

You never know.


One thought on “Hello

  1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog with a comment. I don’t know how things work “across the pond” but I found that I had to really complain and drive my own medical care in the U.S. Dr.’s and nurses listen to those who complain the loudest I think. Not a great policy, but you can’t expect much more here. Keep up the blogging and I will be checking on you!!

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