Mental Health Day

Hey people’s. I am home today. I decided to take a mental health day. I also have a cold but it’s not the main reason I took a day off. I just needed a break, some extra sleep and time to recollect myself.

Every weekend for the past 6 weeks has been something going on. Just non stop. Usually I’d be glad about that but it’s taken its toll. This Saturday for instance was a party at our good friend C’s it was a good night but another of our friends, L, ended up really hurting my feelings. We were having a conversation about how we will be looking after SIL’s little boy for a week next spring. I am really looking forward to it. I guess cos I know SIL struggled for quite a few years with PCOS to have him, he’s special to me. I wouldn’t however go out of my way to look after their child, but I am now going off the point. We then got on to the fact they are considering a nanny share, cost wise it could work well for them. I made an off-hand comment about not minding being a nanny, if the pay wasn’t so rubbish and got the reply. Oh people think it’s so easy to look after kids, looking after your sisters kids or baby sitting is not the same thing.

First off I know how hard it is, especially for other people’s kids. I volunteered every summer between the ages of 14 and 19 at a local summer school. I sometimes looked after kids with profound learning and physical disabilities. It was hard but I loved it. It was so rewarding, seeing that wink from the little boy who never says a word or getting a great big smile for singing a favourite song. I know, but I wasn’t asked, it was just assumed because I don’t have any of my own.

Well excuse me, I don’t think having given birth to just one kid, neither being a baby sitter nor a nanny for anyone and actively discriminating against people with children before you had your own, gives you any authority on the matter either.

I dunno, maybe I’m over reacting but it seems a really shitty thing to say to someone who you know is having difficulty conceiving. I’m pretty sure she does know as BC mentioned to them we were trying a little before their baby was born and it’s now a year later and no baby…

I really wish things were different.


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