I’m not deaded

I’m alive and kicking so to speak. Just a bit demotivated. Plus I got a new laptop (that’s really spiffy!) and I’ve been a bit lazy about moving everything over.BC isn’t here so thought I would catch up here.

I’m finding it hard to blog lately. I’ve started reading blogs again but I’m being a bit selective about which. I’ve even had to move some of my non fertility blogs to my fertility folder so I don’t accidentally get slapped in the face by someones ultrasound or something. In the last month no less than 5 non IF blogs have dropped the big one on me. I’ve started scanning blogs before I read them properly for key words… I guess I am a bit raw right now. That said some of the new mommies I’ve come across I still read. Somehow they give me a bit more hope. I’ve stopped crying at least. I still think I want to, but no actual tears. Progress.

I’ve started taking the Xenical the doctor gave me. It’s ok, gives me a bit of a belly ache but hopefully it will boost my weight loss. I’ve only lost a couple of pounds though. I feel like I have many miles to go. AND the deason of gluttony is coming. I need to get a reign on this now me tinks…

We’ve had a really really full few weekends and this weekend will be our first break in ages! I am so looking forward to vegging out at home, doing some shopping (burns calories!), watching a couple of movies. Ahhh bliss.


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