Saturday was our anniversary. It feels like not time at all and all the time in the world has past at once. We didn’t have anything special planned as BC got made redundent a few weeks ago and although he started his new job last week we’re feeling the pinch. Last minute we decided to go to a place called Green and Reds but as we passed it by on the way to the market, we found it was closed down! Rubbish, their website is still up and everything and you can’t book tables on Saturday nights here so if we hadn’t of happened to be passing by we would never have known.
We continued on to the markets any way, not to buy anything really just for a walk and to see what was going on. Went for a drink in a pub near liverpool street and decided to go to a restaurant called Testi. Yes they serve testicals but no we didn’t have any lol. Their other food is too good! After we ate we decided to go for a walk back down towards Liverpool Street. We totaly forgot it was halloween so felt a little out of place amongst all the ghouls and goblins on nights out. There was a full out Halloween parade with drums and pumpkin lanterns which we joined for a while. I took a really bad video to try and capture the atmosphere but I’m not sure it did it justice! We were sposed to meet up with some friends but they weren’t ready and we had already been walking an hour so we headed home. It was a good night.

Today we had a busy day helping our friends L+L move. I baby sat actually, it was quite fun. N is such a fun baby to look after, even when she’s all grumpy because she hasn’t had a nap. We had this awesome pizza too, it wasn’t round but an oblong and kinda rustic italian pizzeria style. I only had a small piece because I was still full from brunch but what I did have was delish! I know I was kinda mad at L a little while ago but I realised afterwards I was prolly just a bit hormonal and over reacting. It has been months since my last cycle.

I’m feeling a bit more blog friendly now, so looking forward to catching up with you all!


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