Good morning, good morning!

Dunno why that song is in my head. Maybe because BC was asking what I wanted for breakfast on my birthday (which is Saturday, in case ya didn’t know. AND I asked for french toast with posh bacon in case you are wondering xD).

I’m really glad it’s almost the end of the week. Not just because of the celebrations but because I am so tired. This daylight savings kick has killed my body clock. So looking forward to a lie in! I’m also extremely looking forward to cracking open my main present and taking it for a spin because it is awesome. It’s currently taunting me in the middle of our living room as it’s too big to go any where else while boxed. I shan’t tell you what it is so you can be surprised lol.

Also, I think I have lost some weight! I don’t weigh often I just go by the fit of my clothes but I can almost get my skinny jeans on. I might point out that I’m not on a diet per se, I’ve just stepped up my activity level and cut down on my portion sizes. I kept a food diary for a week and I wasn’t eating over my reccomended calorie intake at all. The only thing that was a little high was my fat intake and that’s because of the nuts I eat (Good for people with PCOS to snack on so we never get stomach growling hungry). I forgive myself that though because the added fats are good fats. Apparently eating nuts and grains for a snack can be a good weight loss tool so I’m sticking with it.

The period of gluttony is almost upon us though :O. I love Christmas but I don’t want to gain masses I’ve just lost! I”m thinking Dance Party will be my party game of choice Christmas night.

Should probably get one with work now and let my rambling stop boring you!



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