It comes in sevens

Tomorrow is my 28th birthday. If I told anyone (besides you guys, right?), that this was a special birthday, they’d think I was crazy, but it is. I’m a firm believer that changes happen every 7 something (Stay with me here). Small changes every 7 days, Medium changes every 7 weeks, larger ones every 7 months and the biggest every 7 years. I’ve made it to 4×7, that’s pretty big.

It all started when I read a book on biology about how and when the body changes. Girls getting ready for puberty at 7, boys breaking voices around 13-14, wisdom teeth coming in at 21. It’s all sevens!

I was single just over 4 years when I met BC, 49 months almost to the day. That’s seven, sevens btw. I think it’s an omen. I think good things are going to happen on my 28th year on this planet.

4 sevens have to be better than 3.

Aside from the sevens, I’ve been making cake. Carrrot cake to be exact and not just any carrot cake. Low sugar, low fat carrot cake. It is delicious. I brought it in to work and no one would guess it was low anything. Ok so maybe the frosting isn’t not so healthy but I didn’t put too much on ;). I’m going to be making a batch of Chocolate Vegan, Red Velvet and some Raspberry Coulis and Vanilla Butter, buttercream too! Roll on tomorrow!

Of course I will share my recipes too.!



One thought on “It comes in sevens

  1. Just stopping by in reply to your comment. Do you mean writing things like i.pod versus ipod? It’s just to not make it as googleable (doubt that’s a word, but you know what I mean. LOL!). I *think* a search engine would be less likely to pick up my entry when a search is done on the term ipod. However, ipod is such a common thing that it probably wouldn’t make it to the top of the list anyway… Just me being paranoid I guess.

    Happy birthday! Hope you have a great one. Ahh…to be 28 again…

    P.S. Red velvet ROCKS!

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