The aftermath

I really had a good birthday. It was a bit hectic and I had a bit of a disaster with red velvet cake (do not use natural food colouring from asda it wasn’t red AT ALL) but we got to the restaurant on time and everyone turned up, yay! I got lots of very cool presents, The best of which being a new mixer!

When they say heavy duty, they mean it. This thing weighs a tonne! Once we start the fostering route I’m hoping to supplement our income with cake making. I’ve already had quite a few people enquire if I do orders recently after I’ve brought cakes in to work.

I made red velvet, well what was supposed to be red velvet, cake in it the morning of my birthday. It took some getting used to as my old mixer had really 2 settings, Slow = fast anything above slow = superfast! It’s been a faithful little thing though.

Now though I woke up to an ulcer in my mouth right where my wisdom teeth are (still) coming in. Teething on and off for 9 years is no fun lol. I can see why babies get so grizzly about it. Can’t find the bonjella either, poo

We’re going out for another birthday lunch with the in laws Sunday so I had better go get sorted and to bed. Just wanted to recap before I forget.





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