What’s going on?

I haven’t felt much like blogging lately. Mostly because nothing interesting has been happening. I’ve been going to work and coming home again and that’s about it. No cycle to report on either. Then I got a book, it’s called How to Deal with PCOS, or some such, for Dummies. I started reading it wondering what new insight it may give me and not holding out much hope. As I was reading one part about weight loss/gain it suddenly occurred to me. I should be aiming for a weight when I still had periods. I know for some of you that must seem like duh! but stay with me now.

When I first started my periods at about 10 years old, they were really irregular and stayed that way up until I was around 16 years old. Although I’ve always been quite big boned, with big boobs (a DD at 15!) I was at the lower end of the healthy weight range, even dipping under at some points. I went to the doctors numerous times but they didn’t really care. Only one doctor bothered to give me a scan to discover I had multiple cysts on my ovaries but I was only fully diagnosed with PCOS last year.

As I left my angsty teenage years I put on some weight and started to look healthy. My body seemed to even out and I gained a sort of rhythm. I started to really tune into my body, even back then I was worried about infertility as I found out my mom had infertility treatments to have me. I got to know my cycle pretty well and though it was a bit longer than most at 45 days, they came. I started to relax a little, the weight started to creep on, I didn’t know enough about PCOS to know that was bad. I decided I was getting a little too dumpy and started swimming and cycling more and than oops, I have a mini stroke. Mini is wrong word "Major infarction" is written on my chart. Regain my life but have little enthusiasm for exercise, scared of having another episode in the pool, too frightened to cycle with poor balance. Spent a couple of years recuperating and thought I could cycle again, but no longer have bike. Meet BC and is love at first sight. Immediately think of starting a family, periods have started getting more irregular. Periods stop. Suspected MC then nothing…

So my goal of trying to get to the lower end of my ideal BMI, I don’t think is the right path for me. I need to find my happy place, which was when I was further up the BMI chart which seems a little more achievable and has given me more motivation. I think the thought of slimming that much made me think of when I was thin but miserable and the thought made me miserable. Now though, I have renewed vigour!

BC and I have started going for long walks every other day, 30 – 40 mins (BC walks fast so I don’t even have to specify brisk!). That’s in addition to my commuting walk I’ve already been doing. I have a mini dance party in my craft room at the weekends. I use the step in the hall as an aerobic step to amp it up a bit. I need to do a bit of resistance training but I have trouble with both my back and wrists so prolly need professional advice on that. Running has never appealed before but I’m starting to think it might. At least until I finally get a new bike, BC’s is far too big for me. I adjusted my diet a little again, although I still have cake, I try and make healthier versions like my carrot cake I make with half sugar half sweetener. I may try wholemeal flour too. I actually think it will add back the density you lose by using sweetener so win, win.

I will get that off, now I’ve said it, you have to hold me to it. 😀

The rainbow to my day: The family has started back on and it’s one of my favourite programs. Finally something good to watch on TV! Also, finding Pomegranate and Raspberry Fruitiser for 50p each for the LARGE bottle!


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