Sorry I’ve been AWOL

We went on holiday. I took my laptop but the internet connection was completely rubbish. We’re home now though after a week with the outlaws and our nephews. We had a really great time. I wish we’d had 2 weeks booked! I put on the few pounds I lost… POOP. God knows how with all the cycling, swimming and tennis we did but any who.

The weekend after we got back we baby sat. It was a bit daunting. I thought maybe it would be too much for me, though I haven’t been feeling to sore over the whole fertility thing lately. Boy was it hard work. Poor baby J had a little stomache bug (which we now have and it’s not nice at all) and was grizzly alot of the weekend. The times he was happy though were priceless. He’s suddenly discovered a love for his walker and will run the length of the living room arms out like it’s the greatest thing ever then look at you and laugh. Sweetest thing ever. He also did 3 massive poos which it would have been nice if he saved for his mum and dad but we forgive him lol. Getting him to sleep was trying. He got himself so worked up and I felt so sorry for him but eventually he went off about 9pm which was a bit of a result because we let him nap and he’s usually cranky till 10 we were told. Once he was down we played a bit of D&D with the boys which they loved. All in all we really enjoyed looking after all three of the boys. Glad to catch up on some sleep though!

No rainbow of my day as, as you can see I had a rather rainbow week!


One thought on “Sorry I’ve been AWOL

  1. That was so nice of you to take care of your nephews like that. It sounds like you and DH did a bang up job! I hope the new year is filled with all of your heart’s desires.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog today! I appreciate it! (as you already know! 😉

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