Happy New Year!

Hey everyone. Happy New Year. I hope it brings good things for you all.

Unfortunately my Christmas was a bit rubbish, the day after I cam back to work after my holiday I went down with what I thought was some kind of stomach bug. Then my sickness continued right up until boxing day. I had 3 days off in that time and ended up getting sacked. Ho hum c’est la vie… Bonus for the new year though I am finally feeling my old self AND I lost quite a bit of weight since my appetite was at 0 percent for about 2 weeks straight. I pretty much ate nothing but fruit and a little bread. So I dropped one dress size without even trying and I’m trying to keep it  off.

I’ve still not seen nor heard anything from my cycle. Typical that this year she should not show up at christmas as is usual. I’m not sure exactly how much weight I’ve lost. I keep forgetting to weigh when I visit moms but it hasn’t seemed to kick start my innards as yet. So I have been busying myself with other things. It will soon be too late to feasibly become pregnant and get back in shape before the wedding so I am preparing myself mentally for the break.

As is traditional this time of year I’m making a few resolutions:

  1. Eat and drink more regularly. It’s not really rocket science but I tend to forget to eat and drink healthily throughout the day. This means having healthy snacks about the house. Those of you with PCOS probably already know you should try and keep your blood sugar levels even. Smaller meals supplemented with healthy snacks helps. We’ve started this already by keeping plenty of fruit I can eat around the house. I love Lychees yum yum.
  2. Look after myself body and mind. Another no brainer but a necessary on this list. I can sometimes put looking after myself on the back burner in favour of more fun pursuits. So this means wrapping my hair each night to help prevent breakage, being bothered to go to the salon for a trim and treatment (I hate going to the salon with a passion, it takes tooo long!), deep moisturising for my Psoriasis and mind wise practicing meditation techniques and remembering to pray.
  3. Exercise more. I’ve already been living this one out a bit but I want to keep it up. Dancing in my craft room is now a regular occurrence. I work in some step aerobics as well. A good friend of ours is moving back home to Australia and gifted me his old bike. There are lots of bike routes near us so hope to get out and about on the bike too. I’m thinking 2 times a week building up to 4 times a week at some point.
  4. Buy myself new clothes! Seriously I have a distinct lack of clothes but I normally walk into a clothes shop and walk straight back out again because I just can’t choose, the queues are too long or I feel like I shouldn’t be spending money. I think having some nice clothes to wear would help my self esteem some too.
  5. Cook more. Right now BC cooks most of our meals. I am not a very good cook, I just don’t like it. Give me a cake to bake and I am happy but ask me to make dinner and it doesn’t go well. I’d like to be able to have dinner ready when my hubby comes home some days! Even if it’s something simple.
  6. Keep the house clean. It’s not as bad as it has been in previous years but it’s starting to creep back there. BC is not a naturally tidy person and it doesn’t bother him. Neither am I but it does bother me, especially when guests drop in unexpected. It’s mortifying! I’ve signed up for the Fly Lady’s Newsletter again and have started small. I keep my craft room as organised as possible in the small space and try not to let craft things encroach on the rest of the house. One project out at a time! Next stop is organising the living area, after the Christmas stuff comes down.
  7. Blog more. Even when I don’t feel like it. This is supposed to be a virtual diary but I’m not doing a very good job of documenting my life. Must try harder!

I think that’s enough to be getting on with for now. Let’s hope I can stick to them!


One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year! Hope you are feeling better now! Being sick isn’t fun, but losing weight without trying while your sick is an added bonus!

    Having PCOS isn’t fun at all. Be careful with some of the fruits because it can be very sugary and that’s not good for your blood sugar level. I love lychee too!! Since I have gestational diabetes, I’ve had to cut out a lot of the fruits. Nuts, cheese, peanut butter and meats have been my diet regimen.

    Good luck with your resolutions!!

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