Starting to get impatient

Where is my period? I’m starting to get impatient for it to come. This is the longest it’s ever gone.

I feel a bit like I’m in no mans land and can’t move forward at the moment. Not very inspiring. I’m keeping up with my improved diet. I eat a good 2-3 portions of fruit a day at the moment which is usually some kind of juice or smoothie (I only drink enough to get one of my five a day not the whole bottle), satsuma, green grapes and of course my first love, lychees. Although I could sit and eat a whole bag of lychees I have been restraining myself! I usually have some veggies with lunch and dinner so that’s my full five a day. I’ve resisted treats all but today and even then it was just a couple of chocolates. I feel I am doing well in that respect. I’ve not done much in the way of excercise though. I did one bit of “dancercise” but I think I am a bit fatigued still from the flu. I also have a longer commute, which includes a longer walk so I guess that bumps it up a little. I hope to do better next week.

I got hit with the B bomb a couple of times this week and apart from obsessing over going past messages etc looking for clues and wondering why they left it so long to tell me, I’m not really glum about it. I don’t feel anyway about it, which is ok I guess.

In other news BC’s mom had a fall on new years eve. She refused to go to hospital until Thursday when I guess the pain got too much and we found out she broke both her shoulders! We’re going over there tomorrow to take her a card and see how she is. One side needs operating on too so BC will go along with them to the hospital and give his dad some support. I really hope it all goes ok and it’s just a day surgery so pray for that for me!

It’s almost midnight so this isn’t a very detailed post but I least I got some of it down.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Oh and I forgot to do my rainbow!

The rainbow of my week was getting a new job so quickly and being made to feel so welcome by everyone there. It really is a pleasant to go to work again. BC says I’ve come home happy and animated each day, even though I am dog tired.


One thought on “Starting to get impatient

  1. Hi, thanks for saying hi on my blog and reading along!

    I hope that your period shows up soon, it’s so annoying when it’s mia and you don’t know why.

    Hope your MIL’s surgery goes well and she heals quickly.

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