My body is working against me

Pretty much since Christmas I have felt so tired. For a few weeks a put it down to the after effects of flu but 6 weeks later I was still not sleeping well. Waking dozens of times a night sometimes. After having a minor breakdown at work and BC mentioning I was sleeping weirdly as well, I took myself off to the doctors. I thought they were going to poo poo it as getting older etc etc but the doctor seemed quite concerned. He thought it sounded as if my airways were closing in my sleep. He said it could be one of three things the most obvious but not so likely is OSA or Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. We’re hoping it’s not that because it’s a pretty bleak diagnosis. The second probability is my thyroid acting up. I have tested this many times before and it’s always been fine but we’ll see. Also not sure how that effects the sleeping but I’m not a doctor. Before I left I had him check my throat as it has felt dodgy since Christmas too. He said my tonsils were up slightly. That, because I have a narrow throat any way, could be obstructing my airways at night.

I feel like I’ve taken two steps back. Maybe not quite back, maybe sideways. Either way I’m not moving forward. I’ve not gained any weight which is good but I haven’t been getting the exercise I wanted to due to the exhaustion. Merely cleaning the house can take me out for days! Luckily sewing and crafting I can do sitting down but even then I can doze off sitting right in my seat. It’s really weird.

So I go for blood tests Tuesday at 07.30 (!!!) and then we shall know more. Meanwhile I am going to try and keep up my activity levels, apparently losing weight can help if it is OSA and also if it is thyroid function. I’m keeping up the brisk walk after work even though it exhausts me. I’m doing myself good though!

So, 5 more pounds to go till I reach my fertility specialist weight goal. 15 away from my personal goal. Not doing too bad considering!


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