Back to our scheduled programming

So I am back. A lot of things have happened since October so I will fill you in. We went on a few short breaks, Hastings was lovely, had a big family Christmas finally, started a vlog, stopped doing a vlog and finally and probably more importantly, got married! Shortly after that I got a new phone (Yes!! Samsung Galaxy Sii, I love you), started a new job and here we are today.

AF is still MIA which has kind of quelled my enthusiasm for charting and such but I have been keeping up with my weight loss efforts. I’ve been watching my portion sizes, making sure I stop eating when I am full and drinking extra fluids, mainly water, to get up to 2 litres a day. It’s been tough but I am sticking with it and it’s working 2 weeks ago I was 3lbs from my goal BMI and I actually think I have since met my goal but I only get weighed at the doctors office. I’m planning a trip to the doctors next week and assuming I have hit my goal getting a referral letter back to the fertility clinic. Both BC and I are very keen to start a family now that we are married. 

So I guess this blog comes back into play once I get my referral as then I’ll actually have something interesting to say. I am sure watching out for AF each week would have been riveting xD. I’d also like to upload videos to my blog, just once a week as I had been doing on YT but that’s assuming I can get them to be a bit quicker to upload. Now I am working I just don’t have time! I can blog a bit easier now though, since I have an Android phone and there’s a WordPress app.

Speaking of working, as I said I have a new job! I’m now a charity fundraiser. It’s still early days and I am unsure if it will work out but I really do love working there. They are really great people!

I hope those that are still reading this are doing well and hopefully any new guys too.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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