Whatever you like Wednesday – Are you thrifty?

Three times in one week I’m really spoiling you all! I decided to remake Wednesdays as Whatever you like Wednesday’s so I had a day where I could talk about other stuff and not feel quite like I was off topic.

So, today I was going to talk about how thrifty you are. Are you thrifty? We sure are! I like nothing better than to get a good deal and always check several shops before I purchase anything substantial. One of the things I like to save money on might not matter to a lot of you guys actually but you never know it might help a couple of you!

I’m allergic to latex. It’s a real pain in the bum as coming into direct contact with latex makes my hands come out in blisters and my skin crack. I’m also allergic to some of the stuff the put in washing up liquid. Now buying latex free gloves for washing up costs you more than regular gloves and they just don’t last as long! I got fed up having to throw away gloves after just a couple of uses and so thought I’d try something different. Instead I bought these…

I wear them under my regular gloves so they stop my skin from coming into contact with the latex. They also last much, much longer than the latex free washing up gloves so I’m not wasting any extra money doing this way. I have lovely soft hands too after, if I use my deep moisturising hand cream at the same time. In fact if I pick up the Spontex from Poundland or some such store it works out far cheaper!

Here are some other top tips I’ve recently found which are fun and useful:

DIY Flour Tortilla – Save money or just for a rainy day. Yum!

Size up an old t-shirt – Make it bigger, cut out stains or just make a cute T’

Upcycled Storage bins – You don’t have to use a cutting mat, an old folder or stiff card would work too!

I’d love to hear what you guys do to save yourself money!


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