Playing catch up

Yet another friend is expecting their second child while I’m still waiting for my first to get on in there. It seems they are all popping out in blog and vlog land too, with 1st and 2nd children galore. I feel a bit numb to it to be honest. I am in no man’s land at the moment. Still not got my referral, although of course I have had the preliminary tests done already. Also, I doubt I will get up in time to go to the doctors tomorrow so it will have to be later on in the week. I’ve no idea how long it will take the referral to come through but hoping we get it soon!

I have 2 days off mid-week this week (woohoo!) and I’m going to treat myself to a few new bits for work etc and hopefully cheer myself up a bit. Maybe even do some sewing since I’ve not done any for months! I’m thankfull for a short week in any case.

Ooh and I found another blogger and vlogger, Lara,  from the UK at  Conceiving Baby Ojo. I’m so excited to see another UK blogger out there and it inspires me to write here more, in the hopes that more will pop out eventually!

Hopefully my blankie is dry so I can go get comfy in bed and catch up on my youtube subs.



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