Whatever you like Wednesday: work and play

Today I thought I would tell you guys a bit more about my new job. It’s been about 6 weeks now and it’s been going ok. I really do enjoy it, the only thing is that it’s evening work. So I mostly don’t get home till nine thirty each night and work weekends too. I’m not sure it’s going to work for us as a family. Which is a shame because as I said I enjoy it! I was hoping that maybe it would even out a little but so far not so much. I try to fill my evenings just hanging out and any days off are spent cleaning. Not very exciting home life, in fact more often than not I miss work on my days off! Especially on my week days off when the hubkins isn’t there all day.

So what I thought I would do is maybe have a weekend away with the hubby to reevaluate how things are going, good idea? I think so. Will be scouting the internet for good deals. It always helps to add a little play to lift the mood!


On my way to work on the DLR. Mobile post.


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