I’m a late 20’s black british female, PCOS.

He’s a early 40’s white british male, type 2 diabetes.

Together we are trying to conceive our first baby.

I’ve known I’ve had PCOS since I was about 20, then it didn’t bother me. Periods suck frankly and less of them was fine by me. What does suck about PCOS is the excess body hair, the weight round the middle and the (more important now) lack of ovulation.

I’ve always been very intune with my body. I listen to all those little signs and know what’s what generally. I can tell when I ovulate, and when my period is coming by a couple of days.

I have another blog but I wanted this to be a personal annonymous journey for now. So if you know who I am, shush, don’t tell anyone lol.


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