Whatever you like Wednesday: work and play

Today I thought I would tell you guys a bit more about my new job. It’s been about 6 weeks now and it’s been going ok. I really do enjoy it, the only thing is that it’s evening work. So I mostly don’t get home till nine thirty each night and work weekends too. I’m not sure it’s going to work for us as a family. Which is a shame because as I said I enjoy it! I was hoping that maybe it would even out a little but so far not so much. I try to fill my evenings just hanging out and any days off are spent cleaning. Not very exciting home life, in fact more often than not I miss work on my days off! Especially on my week days off when the hubkins isn’t there all day.

So what I thought I would do is maybe have a weekend away with the hubby to reevaluate how things are going, good idea? I think so. Will be scouting the internet for good deals. It always helps to add a little play to lift the mood!


On my way to work on the DLR. Mobile post.


I’m sick, again

I seem to spend my whole life saying that. It’s been coming a while, I was still in denial yesterday. I’m all like, it’s just allergies. I probably didn’t rinse those raspberries well enough… But no, TMIA, but I knew when the green stuff started coming out of my nose and I got up every 2 hours to have a drink and/or pee.

Luckily it’s the weekend. Unluckily I am going to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park with the in laws and I can’t miss it again this year, it’s not fair. Also, on Monday I am going to see Kelis, FOR FREE! Can’t pass that up people.

So last night I went to bed early (after making 25 cake pops, I was in denial remember…) to try and ward off the cold allergies. I don’t feel awful now just very bunged up.

I’m really looking forward to Winter Wonderland. I love christmas and will go to any christmas event I can drag BC to!

Anyone know any home remedies to unstop my nose? Already tried steam and vapours. Only works while I’m in them…

Hope all you Americans had an excellent Thanksgiving. I dunno how you all cope with 3 massive eating days so close together lol.

A very merry unbirthday to me

The celebrations continued today. I think this should become an official thing, maybe I can drag it out to a whole week and then a whole month! hehe. We went to Cafe Rouge for a birthday treat from the inlaws. The food was good

I’m going to do a run down of the presents I got, more for my benefit than for yours, so I can read back and remember. In no particular order.

  • A mixer
  • Laptop
  • Earrings
  • Cupcake tin
  • Perfume
  • Necklace
  • Champagne truffles (My fave)
  • Cupcake pass holder
  • Crafty bits
  • Bath bits
  • Baking tins
  • Supersize cupcake pan
  • Cherry noticeboard
  • Wishing pearl
  • Teacup measuring cups (oh so sweet)
  • Straighteners
  • Spa voucher
  • calligraphy Pens

So many very lovely gifts I’m very grateful for.

The aftermath

I really had a good birthday. It was a bit hectic and I had a bit of a disaster with red velvet cake (do not use natural food colouring from asda it wasn’t red AT ALL) but we got to the restaurant on time and everyone turned up, yay! I got lots of very cool presents, The best of which being a new mixer!

When they say heavy duty, they mean it. This thing weighs a tonne! Once we start the fostering route I’m hoping to supplement our income with cake making. I’ve already had quite a few people enquire if I do orders recently after I’ve brought cakes in to work.

I made red velvet, well what was supposed to be red velvet, cake in it the morning of my birthday. It took some getting used to as my old mixer had really 2 settings, Slow = fast anything above slow = superfast! It’s been a faithful little thing though.

Now though I woke up to an ulcer in my mouth right where my wisdom teeth are (still) coming in. Teething on and off for 9 years is no fun lol. I can see why babies get so grizzly about it. Can’t find the bonjella either, poo

We’re going out for another birthday lunch with the in laws Sunday so I had better go get sorted and to bed. Just wanted to recap before I forget.




I’m tweeting!

I decided that I need some place to record how I feel, what I’ve done and other little tit bits of information too small for a full-blown post so I’ve joined Twitter. You can follow my tweets in the side bar or in the traditional way. I’m finding it a good way to brain fart without clogging up my blog with them xD.

I’m quite new to tweeting so we will see how it goes. At the moment I find it a chore to log in each time. Is there some kind of good twitter app for windows mobile?? I’ve tried a couple now that were mediocre. Looking for a new phone soon though since windows chose not to allow upgrades from windows mobile 6.5 to 7, but I digress…

Infertility in the news

At the moment, my hearts goes out to Lily Allen who has just lost her second baby. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to have to share this news with the world when all you want to do is crawl into bed and never come out.

That said, I have to say I find the recent surge on stories of infertility, IVF, the age debate and such so very interesting to read. It’s only recently occurred to me that these celebrities, probably feel just as we do and there we are poring over and discussing everything they do. Some of them choose to put themselves out there but shouldn’t certain things be private? Especially when you get the haters out there…

In other more important news (because it pertains to me, not that it’s more severe). I’ve been feeling really rough, as if I’m getting my period. I thought it was coming but I got 1 spot and that’s it. No more. I’m really tired of this crap. I’m hoping I can lose this weight soon so I can see a specialist.

This is just a quick thought though really. I’m trying to get my thoughts out of my head more often.

I’m not deaded

I’m alive and kicking so to speak. Just a bit demotivated. Plus I got a new laptop (that’s really spiffy!) and I’ve been a bit lazy about moving everything over.BC isn’t here so thought I would catch up here.

I’m finding it hard to blog lately. I’ve started reading blogs again but I’m being a bit selective about which. I’ve even had to move some of my non fertility blogs to my fertility folder so I don’t accidentally get slapped in the face by someones ultrasound or something. In the last month no less than 5 non IF blogs have dropped the big one on me. I’ve started scanning blogs before I read them properly for key words… I guess I am a bit raw right now. That said some of the new mommies I’ve come across I still read. Somehow they give me a bit more hope. I’ve stopped crying at least. I still think I want to, but no actual tears. Progress.

I’ve started taking the Xenical the doctor gave me. It’s ok, gives me a bit of a belly ache but hopefully it will boost my weight loss. I’ve only lost a couple of pounds though. I feel like I have many miles to go. AND the deason of gluttony is coming. I need to get a reign on this now me tinks…

We’ve had a really really full few weekends and this weekend will be our first break in ages! I am so looking forward to vegging out at home, doing some shopping (burns calories!), watching a couple of movies. Ahhh bliss.


Just checking in, I decided to take a little blogging break. I stayed away from most peoples blogs too, just checked in to a few to see they were doing ok. I feel much much better. I was touched by everyones well wishes, thoughts and prayers. I really do believe it helped lift my spirits. I still feel sad but I’m not overwhelmed by it. Thanks to all of you.

I’m still spotting, I’ve given up going to the doctors about it. If there’s no pain, they do exactly nothing. I’m thinking it’s still progesterone issues though I forever hold up hope its implantation bleeding.  I did after all rub the screen with those African fertility statues, lol.

You never know.

Changed our minds (again)

Well I know we said we were going to wtt (wait to try) but we’ve since changed our mind. We’ve decided on May 2012 for the wedding which left a larger gap. Funnily enough it was BC and not me who suggested trying in the inbetween time. Assuming I keep off the few pounds I’ve lost, I’m just about in the safe zone for my BMI. It’s not so simple as to just start however, BC has started taking antidepressants again (He get’s work related anxiety). And TMI alert, the key component to baby making sex is kinda diminished when he’s on them IYKWIM… I really do think that once we do see a specialist we will be moving quickly to alternative treatments with my medical history. How soon that will be though I don’t know.

Aside from this another friend of mine is pregnant and though I am really happy for her it just seems to be another prick in my heart. I’m not even sure how this is going to work as her father is a bit racist (she’s white her BF is black) they’ve been together about 4 years, live together and the Dad doesn’t know. Kinda uncomfortable situation. I do hope it makes her happy though as she has been feeling really down lately and I think/hope/pray starting a family kick starts a positive vibe in her life.

I don’t weigh

I very rarely weigh myself. I just tend to go by the fit of my clothes. Where as a couple of weeks ago they were pretty snug, they are starting to loosen up a little although I am most dissapointed to be losing it mainly from my thighs and arms not my belly as I would like. I won’t weigh myself until the next time I visit my momma. I’m hoping for a nice surprise.

Aside from that not alot is going on with me. Still spotting a little, no sign of AF. Feeling really, really tired but then so is BC (due to the mice keeping me us awake). I am going to make an appointment with the Doc for today or tomorrow as the spotting is almost a week in progress. Coupled with a few dizzy spells and the possibly related tiredness, thought I should get checked out for anemia. I suffer from it often, though I do eat lots of strawberries. Aren’t they a good source of iron? Meh.

I’m gonna go check my eye lids. lol, TTFN