Finally moving forward


Hello all. I am back in this space in what seems like forever but I have better news. We were finally referred to the Fertility Clinic and had our first appointment with the FS yesterday. I wasn’t going to start writing here again, but BC kept mentioning it was sitting here empty so I thought I’d tell you about our FS visit. So you have him to thank for my reappearance!

The doc, lets call him Dr Pink, confirmed what we already knew. I have severe PCOS, but also I have very good egg reserves and BC has a more than adequate sperm count. We forgot to ask about motility though. For now I think the less we think about it the better, all that matters is the sample was good.

Dr Pink is very, very nice. He’s thoughtful, tried to make us feel as relaxed as possible and was very thorough. He understands we’re on a tight budget and is willing to work with us which is nice. He’s prescribed Norethisterone to induce a period (It’s been 15 month since my last one NOMG) and then he’s recommended 6 rounds of Clomid. This is what we wanted. It was our best case scenario. If at all possible I’d like to avoid having the HCG trigger but if we must, we must.

Weirdly though, on getting back from the clinic. What do you know I’m spotting bright pinky blood? WTF?? I don’t know for sure it’s AF showing her face but I’ve had barely anything since. No idea what it is. I shall keep a check on it. 

I will probably start the Norethisterone end December to middle of January so I can ovulate sometimes in February  Hopefully giving the clinic a chance to calm down after the holidays and then it’s just a waiting game. Hopefully by July we should have made progress, a little bundle of progress.

It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time. Most of our family and friends know we’re having treatment. It makes it much easier, people know about it. It also means this blog doesn’t have to be anonymous any more.


Bun in the oven?

I was sposed to make cake, cupcakes to be precise but I just don’t have the energy. I barely have the energy to blog, but I’ve made a pact to blog more frequently and comment more frequently too.

That being said I do find commenting hard. Should I offer my prayers to someone I’ve never met only read about for months? Makes it sound a bit creepy when you say it like that! It’s true though. I’m very much still in the finding out stages with my sub fertility (I’m trying not to brand myself infertile any more). I have many more questions than I have advice.

I guess, I should just try and give a response that would be the kind of thing I’d want to hear if I were in the same shoes, if I can even imagine being in those shoes. Too bad virtual hugs aren’t more literal as I give a lot of those…

I don’t even get much by way of comments here, but I blog to free my mind rather than to create a fan base. It all helps.

Other than my extreme tiredness, I’m suffering a lot with the hayfever. It’s been really bad in London this year. I am looking forward to our holiday which always helps ease the symptoms. Something to do with the change in climate I think. It’s one things I wish I didn’t suffer from quite so badly.

I’ve cut down on the amount of processed food I eat where I can. It’s helping a little. it will soon be over though and I can keep snotting over everyone!

I’m gonna have a rest and see if I can muster enough energy to bake and/or do the dishes. Forecast seems unlikely.

Oh and P.S I’ve not forgotten to update you I still have not had my period since Nov… poop

Hanging in there

Still no sign. Which makes for a pretty boring update tbh but hey ho. Temps slightly higher than normal so maybe ov’d but hard to tell with the new shift pattern. Waiting for a new cycle to temp properly. My boobs are really sore all of a sudden, kind of like when I’m about to get my period, but she’s nowhere to be seen. What is going on? I also had AF like cramps a few days ago, so was really expecting her then but nothing. Maybe it was just wind though… tmi I know lol.

I’ve decided to start a new project to keep me going. This project is a bit different in that I am going to only blog about it here rather than on my main blog. I plan on it being a gift for the baby to be, a bit of positive thinking for me. I’m working from a pattern but not sticking to it. It should be boy/girl friendly too and with a bit of last minute tweaking uniquely one way or the other. It also gives me something uncycle related to keep me coming back so I can keep this current. I often think saying still waiting for AF is rather boring and I’m sure you do too. Still, until we find a new doc’s and then a gynae we are somewhat on hold.

I’m going to get organised this evening and maybe have something to show tomorrow.

Ummmm… I have a cycle

Can’t really explain my absence other than I forgot I had this blog for a while oops!

I’ll catch you up:

Starting from my last post I had a pretty regular cycle of 26 days. I ovulated on CD18, so it was a pretty short Luteal phase and there was spotting but hey I’m ovulating, that’s a marvel in it’s self! Spotting points to low progesterone but I think the low carb diet is working. I’ve lost about 5 pounds, sadly not from my belly where I’d like but it’ll happen eventually.

Now for the shocking news. I’m in another semi normal cycle. I say semi because I think I ov’d CD19, ie Monday and my temp rise wasn’t as dramatic as I might like to convince me. So quite exciting really. The clincher will be cycle number 3 and how I fare.

Aside from that we’ve been baby dancing sporadically but somehow at the right time so maybe baby hehe.

Non ttc related, sorta, SIL had her baby December 17th, a gorgeous boy. Everyones really excited about him but SIL already wants another go for a girl. She has PCOS too, so it may be another slog. There’s 7-8 years between J, the baby and G. Our friends L and L had a beautiful baby girl after 36 hours of proper labour ouch! She was finally born by C Section on Friday 18th December, 8 days late. Both families are really well.

I’ll try and update this a bit more often now I remember I have it.