Finally moving forward


Hello all. I am back in this space in what seems like forever but I have better news. We were finally referred to the Fertility Clinic and had our first appointment with the FS yesterday. I wasn’t going to start writing here again, but BC kept mentioning it was sitting here empty so I thought I’d tell you about our FS visit. So you have him to thank for my reappearance!

The doc, lets call him Dr Pink, confirmed what we already knew. I have severe PCOS, but also I have very good egg reserves and BC has a more than adequate sperm count. We forgot to ask about motility though. For now I think the less we think about it the better, all that matters is the sample was good.

Dr Pink is very, very nice. He’s thoughtful, tried to make us feel as relaxed as possible and was very thorough. He understands we’re on a tight budget and is willing to work with us which is nice. He’s prescribed Norethisterone to induce a period (It’s been 15 month since my last one NOMG) and then he’s recommended 6 rounds of Clomid. This is what we wanted. It was our best case scenario. If at all possible I’d like to avoid having the HCG trigger but if we must, we must.

Weirdly though, on getting back from the clinic. What do you know I’m spotting bright pinky blood? WTF?? I don’t know for sure it’s AF showing her face but I’ve had barely anything since. No idea what it is. I shall keep a check on it. 

I will probably start the Norethisterone end December to middle of January so I can ovulate sometimes in February  Hopefully giving the clinic a chance to calm down after the holidays and then it’s just a waiting game. Hopefully by July we should have made progress, a little bundle of progress.

It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time. Most of our family and friends know we’re having treatment. It makes it much easier, people know about it. It also means this blog doesn’t have to be anonymous any more.